The project can be defined as aZombie FPS with a lot of "Features" able to impress you. The plot is based on a terrorist chemical attack, and only 4 soldiers will be the last hope for the mankind. In addition to the classic campaign you will find different game modes that will test your combat skills. In the map you will be able to search particular objects that assembled or inserted in the right place will allow you to use new "special weapons" or traps dedicated to the massacre of the hordes. Despite the constant needing of buying weapons, ammunition, life and skills, within the map you will fins a lot of vending machines of the latest generation ready to respond instantly to all your needings. Some subjects exposed to a disproportionate amount of the virus have been affected by a different mutation, evolving into enhanced zombies that will not be easy to defeat. The environment will have a large destructibility, and in some ways will be possible to complete some missions through different types of approaches : from stealth one to a more aggressive style one.
Platform : PC, Windows
Genre : FPS Zombie
Release : Unreleased
State : Uncompleted