The project is configured as a FPS Arena where the player's skills are essential to overpower his opponents. The world is set in a near future where the Virtual Reality had a drastic impact on the life of teens all over the world.To counteract this phenomenon of "involution" the global governments applied a drastic measure: decreeing the complete illegality of any VR system. So everyone needed to face the reality as it presents itself and not as they would it to be. Over the years hacker groups implemented the aforementioned abandoned technologies and created the "Mind Hamer ", a machine that allows different people to connect in a crash. In a short while it became a global phenomenon . A turnover of clandestine bets that took advantage of poor people from all the world was making the most powerful people of the globe billions of dirty money. The game actually makes the mind feel all the character sensations. Itíll be possible to participate to the game in different ways (F4A, TDM, CTF ...). You can look for weapons of all kinds that adapt to your tactical needs. For the rest, there's nothing left... Just one thing, will you survive?
Platform : PC, Windows
Genre : FPS Arena
Release : 30 July 2018
State : Beta


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